All quotes are valid for 14 days. Availability, prices, and delivery rates are subject to change. All quotes/invoices are detailed and itemized. If an item or service is not on the quote/invoice, the item/service is not included or may have accidentally been left out. The client is responsible to check and confirm all the details on the quote. Fine Interiors reserves the right to charge for any item/service that has not been originally included in the quote/invoice.

Check Measurements

The check measurement fee for the first 10 windows* or the first hour of measuring is $150.00/hr plus taxes. For additional windows or required time past the 1-hour window, an additional hour will be charged. Should you need to cancel your appointment, 48-hour notice is required.
*Varies on size and height of windows.

Payment Methods

We accept VISA, Mastercard, E-Transfers or cheques. Please note, credit card payments carry a 2.4% surcharge.

Placing Orders

A 50% deposit is required upon placing an order. The remaining balance is required 24 to 48 hours prior to delivery, installation or upon pick-up.

For fabric or wallpaper orders, the full balance must be paid upon placing the order.

The remaining balance will be charged to the original credit card, which was used when placing the deposit, up to 24 hours prior to the installation. If paying by cheque or e-transfer, arrangements must be made 48 hours prior to delivery or installation date.


The client’s own material is not accepted in all cases. We reserve the right to accept or deny any material. We cannot guarantee the final product when provided with C.O.M. and the client accepts all responsibility. Certain fabrics shrink or stretch based on humidity, use, or conditions of the environment. Not all fabrics are created equal.


Silhouette Blinds – Vane Openings: depending on the size of the shades, vanes will not close tightly and this is “standard” for this product.

Blackout Blinds/Roller Blinds – There will always be a gap on the sides, top or bottom of the blinds, which allows light to shine through. This light can be reduced/eliminated by using channels on the side of the windows.

Blackout Roman Blinds – Where rings are mounted on the back of Roman blinds, there will always be a pinhole which allows a bit of light to shine through.

Installation Guidelines & Policies

All installation start times are provided with a 3-hour window. Should you need to cancel your installation, a 48-hour notice is required. If sufficient notice is not provided, 50% of the quoted installation fee will be charged. For installations quoted $300.00 or less, 100% of the quoted fee will be charged.

A person responsible for the project or the homeowner must always be present during the installation to direct the installer on the preference of installation. Any deficiencies must be pointed out to the installer during the installation or while the installer is on-site to avoid fees related to the removal/change of the installed product. A fee will be charged to return to the site should any deficiencies need to be addressed once the installer has left.

Also, please note that:

  1.  The installer does not move any furniture.
  2. The installer does not make any electrical connections.
  3. The installer reserves the right to carry out a final inspection at the time of measurement, which may lead to a modification of the initial installation cost.
  4. Guarantees apply to the product, not the site conditions.
  5. Our installers are not responsible for your pets. Please put your pets in a crate or separate room from the installation.
  6. The installation area must be clear of any obstructions.
  7. The installer will only bring merchandise that is being installed, they’re not responsible for delivering any other part of your order. Everything else on the order must be picked up from our showroom.
  8. The installer will charge to remove any existing hardware or drapery panels.

Blinds & Warranty

Fine Interiors will repair or replace all products which under normal use become defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period (warranty periods differ for different products) for products manufactured within product specifications.

Blind(s) must be dropped off at our showroom for the warranty work. If the client is unable to drop off the blind(s), a service fee will be charged to pick up the blind(s) and return it for installation.


If there is no shipping or delivery fee on your quote/invoice, then it is not included and is available in most cases for an additional fee.


We do not accept any returns. All orders/sales are final sale.